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Eric Perfect

A friend pointed this out to me in a post on my journal... but... could this be the Mary we all love so much?

"From Howard Stern. Show (I guess this morning). I don't know how true it is... but my friend Kyle sent it to me... it's mildly interesting, and I do love Howard:

''Do Anal, Keep Your Virginity'' Says Mom Of 16 Year Old Girl. 5/2/02. 8:15am
Howard had this woman Mary on the phone who says that she tells her 16 year old daughter to only have anal sex so she can keep her virginity until she's married. Mary said she's a Catholic woman who has just the one daughter. She says she has discussed sex with her daughter and she says that ''back door sex'' is one way to fulfil her sexual desires without looking like a sinner in the eyes of God. She said that she's read a lot of literature and nowhere does it say that ''back door sex'' is a sin. Mary said that she had anal sex before she was married so she was a ''virgin'' when she got married. She also said that she worked as a Vet-Tech and she saw animals doing this naturally so she figures it's a natural thing for humans too. Howard said this all sounds like a technicality to him. He took a bunch of phone calls and let people tell her how nuts she sounds. One woman said that condoms break easier when having anal sex so it's not a good thing. She asked Mary if she's had her daughter tested for AIDS because of that. Mary just argued that anal is best because it's not considered sex because it's not using the birth canal.
Mary told Howard that she and her husband still have anal sex most of the time because she really enjoys it. There were a couple of callers who said this is a great thing because it is one way for a guy to get a girl who doesn't want to lose her virginity. Howard also agrees with it and said it's great for women who are sluts but don't want to be dirty. Mary told Howard that oral sex isn't okay with her either. She said that's not a natural thing for people to do so she has advised her daughter not to do that.
Howard told Mary he backs her up on this idea but he wouldn't want his own daughters doing anything sexually. He thanked her for calling and wrapped up the call. "
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